Kerrigan, the Master of Elements

Icon Type: Archmage

Nature: Magical Architect

Description: Kerrigan rose to power one hundred years ago. A powerful wizard, originally from the far north beyond the lands of ice. He speaks little of his history, but his power is well known to the people of the valley. Kerrigan is known to spend most of his time in the city of Crestfall, in the Tower of the Sign, a school built by him seventy years ago to serve as a nexus of magical training and research..

His true motivations are unknown, but he actively works to keep the valley as safe as possible, erecting magical wards to hold back the dead. Rumor says that he is extremely paranoid, a trait shared by many of his students. It’s been said that when a mage rises close to challenging him in power they quickly meet a swift end. During the control of Malgor, he offered the wicked King advice but actively worked behind the scenes to bring about his downfall.

His crowning achievements thus far have been the Nexus of Elder Pylons that criss-cross the valley, providing potent warding and enhancing the crops for miles around them. In fact, a Pylon sits at the heart of every village in the Valley.

Adventurers: Many adventurers have found their way into Kerrigan’s service. The Tower of the Sign provides extensive support for those loyal servants of their Archmage. Many of the quests he is likely to give involve collecting strange and esoteric ingrediants, reinforcing magical wards, or exploring living dungeons to recover potent magics for the Tower.

Allies: Tyra Stormcleaver is now his closest ally, though the two often do not see eye to eye on many matters.

Enemies: Kerrigan opposes ???

Standard Benefits: 5’s – Kerrigan provides his agents with some tool or clue to help them out of their current troubles, but this usually comes at a price.

6’s – Can be loaned magic items, potions or runes. Alternatively, it can be a potent ritual to assist in the current task.


Queen Tyra Stormcleaver

Icon Type: Emperor and Priestess

Nature: God’s Chosen Warrior-Queen

Description: Ten years ago, Tyra Stormcleaver appeared in the valley, raising an army of loyal soldiers and storming the countryside. With the power of the Gods of Light and Justice, and an amazing command of tactics and strategy, she conquered the Valley within three years, freeing the people from the tyranny of the Malgor the Bloody. She now rules from the capitol of Blue Bay.

Tyra Stormcleaver is believed to be a messenger of the gods, a direct conduit of their will. As their anointed champion, she retook the Valley of Stones and has ruled for the past seven years. She is considered just, but headstrong. She has not taken a husband, and thus so far has no heirs to take her place. She is also the head of the Cathedral of Light in Blue Bay, but leaves the church business to the cardinals except when truly compelled to speak the words of the god’s.

Adventurers: Any loyal subjects of the Valley of Stones can find work for the Queen. Her agents are often sent on militant missions to pacify orc raiders or the undead hordes of the Vast. She is known to provide weapons and armor to her agents, and while working on her behalf an agent can call upon the Right of Lodging, and expect hospitality from any loyal citizen from farmer to Baron.

Allies: The Queen is allied most closely with Kerrigan, but she does not exactly trust the Archmage. His magics have proven to be dangerous on more than one occasion, and she is most certain that his generous pylons have some ulterior purpose that he has yet to share.

Enemies: Malgor the Bloody, for slipping free from justice and continuing to plague the Valley of Stones. She also despises The Dragon Lords of Bharag-Thule and Chieftain Korgath Ironrender, both for the threats they pose to the Valley.

Standard Benefits: 5’s – Usually represent a tactical understanding of the area due to service to the Queen. This can be used to avoid a dangerous encounter or to obtain some piece of information about the current situation.

6’s – The Queen is likely to reward good service with magical armor or weapons forged for the agent in question. Of course, these favors might also be called on for other benefits like land or holdings.


Malgor the Bloody

Icon Type: Crusader and Diabolist

Nature: Deposed Blood-Thirsty King

Description: Malgor Theramore, now known as Malgor the Bloody, was the last king of the Theramore line. The Theramore’s had ruled the Valley of Stones for over two hundred years before Malgor’s coronation. Malgor was a strong warrior, a champion against the Valley of Stones’ many enemies. When his father King David Theramore died, Malgor was away on campaign in the Vast – crushing a new plague of undead.

For years, he ruled well enough. His hotheadedness was checked by the wise counsel of Kerrigan and his other trusted advisers. When the Hellstalker Orcs came down from the White Mountains, he lead the army to oppose them. The war waged for four years, before Malgor was forced to retreat. His army in tatters, they swept through the countryside on their return. Malgor had changed. Some say he become possessed by a demon. Others say he drank orc blood on the battlefield and became infected with their bloodlust. As they traveled back to Blue Bay he slaughtered whole villages, leaving nothing but ruin in his wake.

Thus began the reign of Malgor the Bloody. Anyone caught speaking ill will of him would be tortured and executed publicly. Just a rumor of dissidence brought death to their door. Malgor created an order of justice, called the Scarlet Knights, who would slaughter whole villages to put down rebellion. They became a symbol of his tyranny. The tyrant Malgor ruled for another twelve years before Tyra Stormcleaver raised an army and defeated him.

At the last battle of Stormcleaver’s War, Malgor retreated with the remainder of his army, mostly mercenary warriors and loyal Scarlet Knights. He was not heard from for two years, until rumors came in from the countryside of his marauding army of men, gnolls and demons. Malgor had taken residence in the Vast.

The latest is that Malgor the Bloody rules a twisted land in the center of the Vast, from a stronghold called the Black Keep. No one knows anyone who has actually seen the Black Keep, but the increased raiding by gnolls and barbarians from the Vast suggest truth to the rumors.

Adventurers: Few adventurers would choose to work for Malgor, but he is known to pay well for service. Those of less reputation realize that his gold is still gold, and he has a lot of it. Malgor’s philosophy of “Might Makes Right” is attractive to those of less noble quality.

Allies: Malgor is now sometimes allies with the Dragon-Lords of Bharag-Thule, which is more of an uneasy peace. Both want to see the Valley of Stones current Queen dead, but both groups too want to rule it. For now, they begrudgingly assist each other to oppose the might of the Archmage and Queen Stormcleaver.

Enemies: The Archmage, Queen Tyra Stormcleaver, both for the obvious betrayal and theft of his kingdom from him. He also still despises the Hellscream Orcs and their Chieftain Korgath Ironrender.


Aerlinniel, the Grove Mother

Icon Type: High Druid and Elf Queen

Nature: Sacred Protector of the Wilds and Queen of the Wood Elves






Dragon Lords of Bharag-Thule

Icon Type: The Three and The Lich King

Nature: Council of Evil Dragons, ruled by the First Dracolich.

Description: No one knows how long the Dragon Lords of Bharag-Thule have terrorized the land, but they have for far longer than civilization has been in the Valley of Stones. The native Stone People pass on an oral tradition of Bharag-Thule, a city of magic and dragons. If their stories are true, then there was a time when man and dragon both lived in a great city built on the side of the mountains, but a “great darkness” came to Bharag-Thule, and it corrupted the hearts of it’s dragon lords. The good metallic dragons and wicked corrupt dragons turned on each other, and a cataclysm of magic rained down upon the land. The Stone People claim this is what created the Vast.

From the ruins now rule the wicked dragons and their descendants. The highest among them all is Antheros, the Great Dead Wyrm, who commands legions of reanimated mortals. The dragons stay mostly in the Vast. Mostly. Occasionally they fly over the White Mountains to destroy a fortress or a village. It is up to the Queen’s Guard to stop these rampages. Most often, these attacks herald the arrival of a horde of undead, hungering for the flesh of the living.

What motivates the Dragon Lords is unknown, but their bizarre magical experiments have been unleashed upon the world time and time again. It is up to the heroes of the Valley of Stones to keep them in check.





Korgath Ironrender

Icon Type: Orc Lord and High Druid (sort of)

Nature: Savage Chieftain of the Wilds






The Fleshweavers

Icon Type: New

Nature: Weaver of Flesh, creator of abominations and aberrations.






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