Patient and accurate hunter



Race: Redwood Wood elf
Class: Ranger
Level: 1
Height: 6’ 0" Weight: 196 lbs Build: Tall, seems to be more solidly built than most wood elves. Also seems less flexible. Eyes: Dark green Hair: Brown with reddish tint


My existence was one of peace and I reigned with my other kings and queens. Always undaunted standing tall and strong, our hands held to strengthen each other. I watched these lands and the people who moved about in such haste. I weathered storms, fires, floods with me none the worse for it.
I barely noticed until it happened, someone touched me!! I know it doesn’t sound significant but when I was touched, pain, PAIN erupted from me. Reflexively I gripped tighter to those around me. In horror and in agony I watched it spread from me to my brothers and sisters. Watched as they slowly withered and wilted away until they were barely husks. I don’t now why I lasted so long or why I had to watch, feel my friends die.
This time I noticed when I was approached. I didn’t know if she was the same one who touched me before, but I know that if I could have ran, I would have. Her touch was different, calming, relaxing, like a gentle rain or a morning fog. Immediately I relaxed and my pain slackened. I realized then that I was barely alive, my glorious reign was about to end. I could feel her helping, trying to reinvigorate me with life. She was failing though, it was like trying to fill a lake with a single small steam. She started to pull my remain life force to one spot and concentrate it, probably hoping that would keep me alive a bit longer. As she did this I felt like I was starting to fall, a sensation that I’d never felt before and hoped never to feel. I felt myself crack and there was an explosion from within me centered around my remaining force. I felt myself splintering and flying into pieces and then nothing…darkness.

I woke up laying on the forest floor, couldn’t understand how I was alive. I was no longer attached to my roots and I starting coughing?? Trees don’t cough, I stood up, another disconcerting feeling, I was so short! Then I saw her, Aerlinniel, the one who saved me. She looked exhausted and had a look of wonder upon her as she spoke to me. I didn’t know it then, but the ritual she performed to save me took her days. I don’t know what she said as I could not understand nor speak her language, though my form was now similar to hers.
She took me to her grove where she protected and taught me. I stayed with her for years learning to be a Wood Elf. I don’t really get all their ways, but I learned the language and to fight and hunt. She tried to teach me some of her magic, but it never really took. All I knew was that it was time for me to leave, to find the one who killed my brothers and sisters. The one that destroyed my old form, that of a great redwood, and almost killed me in the process.


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