Dog Mrots


Alias: Dog Mrots
Level: 1
Race: ????
Class: Paladin

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 6’6" Weight: 245 lbs Build: Muscular
Hair: none Eyes: Blue, Red, Green, and white

One Unique Thing: Rescued and adopted by Queen Tyra 10 years ago from the from the Vast


Relationships: Queen Tyra +2, Kerrigan -1

Str: 19 Mod: 5
Con: 16 Mod: 3
Dex: 12 Mod: 1
Int: 9 Mod: -1
Wis: 8 Mod: -1
Cha: 10 Mod: 0

Health: 33
Recorveries: 8
Recovery Dice: (1d10 x lvl ) + con

Initiative: 2

Armor Class: 18
Physical Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 13

Racial Power:
Lightning Breath 1/bat vs PD 1d6/lvl

Class Feature:
Smite Evil 1d12 Half on miss
Lightning walk:
Divine domain: Strength

Feats: Smite.

Melee Attack: Great axe 1d10 +5

Range Attack: Heavy Cross 1d8+1

Sleeping Roll
Road Rations x10
50ft rope
Flint and Tinder box
1hr torch x5



Short bio
Dog is a experiment created by the Antheros using multiple bodys from elves orcs and one of his own brood as well as the Heart of a Lightning elemental.

Dog Mrots

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