History of The Valley of Stones

Approx 5000 BCY (Before Champions Year) – At some point in ancient times, according to the oral history of the Stone People, they traveled into the Valley of Stones from the south, crossing the great Barrier Mountains. After years of harsh travel they found the lush and verdant valley to call home.

Within one generation, they make contact with the Dwarven people who lived in the mountains of the Valley of Stones. The two groups trade with each other. According to the stone people.

Approx 4000 BCY – The Wyrm Flight arrives in the Valley. Powerful dragons that demand worship. They battle the dwarves who refuse to bend knee to dragons, and the Stone People are subjugated, forced to be labor for constructing the great cities of the Bharag-Thule. For one thousand years, the Stone People are treated as slaves. Strange experiments are performed on them. Bharag-Thule was a place of great magic and wonder, but Dragons ruled and humans were treated as slaves.

Approx 3000 BCY – The empire of Bharag-Thule suffers a curse or plague. Dragons turn on each other. Most of the empire is wiped out by a magical catastrophe. The Vast Swamp begins to form in the ruins of Bharag-Thule. The Stone People flee to the eastern half of the valley.

Approx 2200 BCY – The hordes of now undead former slaves that served the empire of Bharag-Thule begin escaping the ever growing Vast Swamp. To stop the tide of death and the strange beasts emerging from the Vast, the Khordalum Clan begin construction of the Bulwark, the first defense against the Vast. This massive dam-wall soon stretches over ten miles, crossing the Wayward river’s source from the Vast.

The Stone People begin their first conflict with the Orcs of the White Mountains to the north. During these conflicts, Stone People and Orcs begin giving birth to Half-Orc children, as nature tries to bridge the two warring groups together.

1650 BCY – Dragons are seen again for the first time in six hundred years, attacking the Bulwark and crossing the White Mountains to burn down Stone People and Orc Villages. In the wake, Undead rise.

1600 BCY A Holy Warrior named Tu’thock, is given the gift of magic. He trains Stone People shamans to command the elements, and together they manage to drive back a Dragon attack.

The practice of magic becomes sacred to the people of the Valley of Stones. The Shamans begin pilling stones in pillar like stacks, etched with magic runes. These stone pillars are said to ward from the presence of the undead. These countless stacks are the source of the Valley’s modern name, and the source of the ancient people’s tribal name.

The arrival of a tribe of wood elves from across the southern Barrier Mountains, who quickly settle in the lush forests of the soutern Valley. They have few encounters with the Stone People, and find mutual ground with their shamans rather quickly.

600 BCY A thousand years of relative peace, with only the occasional dragon attack. The lands are still very dangerous, with wild beasts and wicked monsters roaming the valley, but the Bulwark keeps the worst of the Vast from entering the Valley of Stones.

500 BCY The Peace is shattered by the disappearance of the dwarves. Only the dwarven clans manning the Bulwark remain. The other dwarven strongholds strangely empty. Dark elves soon emerge from the ruined dwarven holds, fleeing strange aberrations that hunt them. They come into conflict with the surface races, but it is soon discovered that they are a fleeing tribe of slaves. Seeing a kinship with their own history, the Stone People accept them into their lands.

400 BCY With most of the Dwarven people vanishing, the Khordalum Clan has no reinforcements to aid them with the wall. Attacks from without by the Vast hordes, and from below by Aberrations, weaken the clan and it’s holdings. Parts of the Bulwark begin to crumble in disrepair.


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